Human Strickler
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Vendel was a wizened elder troll and the leading figure of Heartstone Trollmarket. Sadly, he was killed by the treacherous Queen Usurna when he found out she was secretly working for Gunmar, leaving Blinky the new leader of Trollmarket.

Official Biography

"Vendel, son of Rundel, son of Kilfred. Vendel is a Troll elder and a community leader within Heartstone Trollmarket. With an extensive knowledge of Troll history, alchemy, and artifacts, Jim and the gang often turn to Vendel in times of need for assistance and advice."


Physical Appearance

Vendel is light tan with large horns and long, white hair and a beard. He wears a brown leather skirt with three glowing gems on his right hip. He walks with an orange cane, a piece of the very center of the Heartstone


Vendel was knowledgeable in all things Troll, such as artifacts, their history, alchemy, etc. He often helped the gang when they are in a jam and they always go to him if there is an emergency or if Trollmarket is in jeopardy.

At first, Vendel was skeptical of Jim being the Trollhunter and Blinky being a good teacher to Jim, due to Jim being a human and Blinky's past failures. As the series went on, he grew to truly trust the two and has accepted Jim as the new protector of the Troll world. 




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