Hey guys! I'm new, but I think this is a pretty awesome site! If you have any questions for me, ask them on my profile! Trollhunters Wiki is so cool! I don't know what to do with a blog, really, so.....? I love to doodle Dragons, so that's why my name is Draagon. It has two a's because, hey, why not? And since this is a Trollhunters thing, I thought I'd just add another "a" in a tribute to Draal because he's cool~

You can call me Draagon, Draagon, or Draagon. ;)

I'm a girl, but I don't own anything pink. I don't own any dresses or skirts, or anything that indicates that I'm a girl. Every shirt I own could be worn by a boy. If I was the Trollhunter, that would be cool! I wear blue a lot. Or black. Or brown.

I love soccer, and wear Nike a lot! I was a green belt when I stopped doing Karate, and I've been training on my own ever since. I play sports year round, and I can run the mile really fast.

What am I supposed to do in a blog lol I have no idea~ Someone tell me if I messed up~