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Unkar the Unfortunate was a Trollhunter.



Unkar was the Trollhunter who was trained by Blinky before training Jim Lake Jr.. He received the title "the Unfortunate" for getting himself killed on his first night as a Trollhunter by getting torn limb from limb.

Season Two

When Jim was arrested by the Troll Tribunal for Gunmar's release from The Darklands, he wished that he had never found the Amulet of Daylight in the first place. Unkar's spirit appeared before Jim and gave him the chance to relive his life see what it would be like if he never became the Trollhunter.

When Jim saw how bad things became because he wasn't the Trollhunter, he decided to do what he could to fix things. Unkar's spirit appeared before Jim and warned him that he would die without the Amulet, but Jim would still press on. It was at that moment that the spirit of Merlin appeared and told him that the Amulet does not make mistakes when choosing its Trollhunters. Jim returned to the present after accepting the fact that he was the Trollhunter.