Terra Incognita Part One is the first episode of Part One of 3 Below.

Official Synopsis

When their planet's monarchy is overthrown by a coop, royal alien teens Aja and Krel fleed to Earth accompanied by their brutish bodyguard.


Episode Cast


  • Goof: The episode shows the ship crash-land in Arcadia at dawn, whereas in the Trollhunters episode "A Night Patroll", the ship is seen landing at night.
  • Eli's voice becomes much deeper, starting with this episode (understandable, as his voice actor, Cole Sand, has further matured since starring in Trollhunters).
    • This is lampshaded by Eli himself, as well as Steve Palchuk in the later episode "Party Crashers" when Eli implores Steve to "Listen to [Eli's] voice, Steve. I've matured. And mature people go into the woods and hunt the legendary Arcadian Billycraggle." Steve rebukes with "Shut your manly voice!" so that Eli doesn't blow their cover as Creepslayerz. 


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