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We're the Creepslayerz, with a z
―Steve to Eli forming the Creepslayerz

Steve Palchuk is one of the main stars of the Tales of Arcadia franchise. 



Sometime when he was younger, Steve had a dysfunctional relationship with his father, which possibly triggered his bad behavior and reputation. At some point, his mother began dating his school's gym teacher, Coach Lawrence, which made him feel somewhat uncomfortable and essentially shattered their relationship.

Part One

A Fight With Jim

When Eli tells Steve about seeing the trolls on the west bridge the other night, Steve laughs at him and shoves him into a locker. When Jim comes to Eli's defense, Steve challenges him to a fight, which is broken up by Mr. Strickler. However, that does not stop Steve from challenging Jim again.

On the day of the fight, Steve is prepared to beat up Jim, and starts throwing his fists at him. Luckily, Jim's new amulet gives him the motivation into knocking Steve's tooth out, which leaves Steve determined to get revenge on Jim.

The Quest for Vengeance

To get his revenge on Jim, Steve becomes Jim's understudy for the school play, since Jim's Trollhunting duties are causing him to slack off on his personal life.

When Jim babysits Claire's baby brother, Steve gives Claire a ride to a concert she is attending and rubs it in Jim's face.

On Jim's birthday, Steve challenges Jim to a race, as another attempt to get his pride back, not knowing that a Stalkling is chasing Jim. Steve's boasting then causes him to lose control of his moped and crash into a bush.

Battle for Prom King

After Bular is defeated, Steve gets his tooth replaced and decides to run against Jim and Eli for prom king.

In the first event, the boys must come up with a theme for the dance. Eli comes up with an 80s theme, Steve comes up with a beach theme, and Jim accidentally comes up with the idea of using moles, which ends up winning.

In the second event, the boys and girls nominated for king and queen have to keep their hands on a truck. When Jim, Steve, and Eli are the only ones left, Jim and Steve start fighting and provoking each other into letting their hands off, but only end up doing it at the same time, which makes Eli the winner.

When the pixies attack the school, Steve ends up being haunted by his worst nightmare; being surrounded by many clones of himself.

On the night of the dance, Steve shockingly ends up winning, despite losing all of the events. He then starts gloating about his victory, which starts annoying everyone.

Part Two

Steve Becomes Suspicious

When Jim goes into the Darklands to rescue Enrique, Claire and Toby decide to cover up his absence by saying that he has a terminal illness. Everyone buys it, but Steve doesn't and decides to figure out what's really going on. He thinks that Jim doesn't want to show his face in school after losing to him in the prom contest.

That night, he goes to see Toby to find out what's going on with Jim. When he finds Toby waiting for Claire to return with the bridge pieces, he demands him to bring Jim over so he can kiss his toes and admit defeat. Toby uses a magical mask to disguise himself as Jim, which works and Steve has "Jim's" confession recorded on video. Just then, Claire returns and Steve is knocked out cold with one of the bridge pieces.

Toby, Claire, and NotEnrique manage to take the unconscious Steve to the park bench, where he gets arrested by a cop who thinks he’s crazy.

Forming the Creepslayerz

One day, Steve starts taking out the trash, when all of a sudden, he spots a goblin in his garage, much to his shock and fear. Steve decides to go to Eli for some help. Luckily, he and Eli get paired in the latest health class assignment.

Steve goes to Eli to ask him for help, but Eli just assumes that Steve is going to be mean to him as always. Steve assures Eli that it isn’t the case, and tells him about the goblin he found in the garage. That afternoon, Steve takes Eli to his bedroom, where Eli explains that he has been studying the paranormal activity in Arcadia for years, and has concluded that someone must be behind it all. Steve asks Eli why didn't speak about it before, to which Eli reminds him that he already did, but he didn't believe him. The goblin then claims that Jim is the cause of the trouble, and the two decide to investigate for more information. On their way, the goblin escapes and causes Steve's mom's car to crash. 

The two then arrive at Jim's house, where they overhear Blinky, AAARRGGGHHH!!!, and Draal discussing something, not knowing that they are really playing a board game. This causes them to jump to the conclusion that Jim is part of some evil supernatural conspiracy, and they intend to stop him. They find out that Jim is going to the museum and follow him there. 

The two go back to Eli's house to plan their attack on Jim. They decide to become a team called, “The Creepslayerz”, and vow to fight all the supernatural evil in Arcadia. Eli and Steve then go into Eli’s toybox and decide to take some items in there just in case, such as a bat, shurikens, and even some fireworks.

They arrive at the museum, where Eli attempts to distract the guard while Steve secretly follows Jim into the bathroom, so he can stop Jim's "evil plan." He overhears Jim's conversation with Claire, and realizes that Jim is a good guy after all. Just then, the gruesome shows up and scares the living daylights out of Steve. 

Steve then informs Eli of the misunderstanding, and Eli is releived to see that Jim is not evil. They both decide to help Jim in fighting the gruesome, in secret. They decide to sacrifice their flour sack to defeat the gruesome, and they are successful. 

Steve takes Eli home and the two realize how much they have bonded over the course of the adventure, really starting to understand each other. They both agree to secretly help Jim and protect Arcadia from the supernatural evil, as well as figure out what Jim is hiding from them. 

Saturday Detention

When Steve and Eli see the Trollhunters steal Senor Uhl's truck, they assume that they must be on some sort of secret mission, so they purposely get detention to investigate. The next day, they arrive in detention along with Jim, Claire, Toby, Mary, and Shannon.

When Toby catches Eli eavesdropping on him and the other Trollhunters, he harshly throws a paper ball at him and says something mean to him. Steve throws the ball back at Toby in retaliation. When Mary asks Steve why he defended Eli, Steve tries to cover it up by hitting Eli. This is when the two realize that the Trollhunters aren't on business.

When Senor Uhl leaves for the bathroom and never returns for a while, Jim convinces the kids to escape detention, to which everyone agrees. They start frolicking around the school and have fun together.

Later in the gym, the kids discuss their reasons for detention and all the fun they are having. When Jim makes a wisecrack to Steve, he tries to convince everyone that there is more depth to him than just being a two-dimensional school bully, but no one (except Eli, of course) believes him.

When Draal starts attacking the school, Steve disguises himself as the school mascot to investigate what is going and sees the battle occurring.  Eli and Steve later receive a call for help from Jim, having them bring a series of umbrellas to help the trolls fleeing Heartstone Trollmarket shield themselves from the sun after Gunnar took over. Later, come nightfall, after the Trollhunters successfully teleport the remaining trolls, the Creepslayerz and the Trollhunters celebrate, before asking Jim for explanations. Eli and Steve officially become the newest members of the Trollhunters.

Part Three

Sometime later, Lawrence and Steve's mother get married, which begins to make Steve feel more uncomfortable. As a result, Steve tells Lawrence to keep it a secret for the sake of their reputations. Lawrence still tries to emotionally connect with Steve, but it gets even more difficult than before. Lawrence joins Uhl and Janeth in the teacher's lounge to discuss their problems with the students. Unbeknowest to them, they accidentally drink the troll ashes that Strickler gave to Jim earlier and start to go crazy. 

During gym class, Lawrence begins verbally abusing Steve by breaking his promise and mocking his daddy issues, publically humilating him in front of the student body. Steve runs off in tears and begins taking his anger out on lockers, while Eli tries to console him. Steve then overhears Jim and Toby discussing the situation. Realizing that Jim is the cause of this, Steve is about to punch Jim in the face, but Jim stops him when he says that he'll call Strickler for help. Strickler informs the boys that they can change the teachers back to normal by emotionally connecting with them. After Toby makes the students evacuate the premises, the gang decides to split up. Jim takes Strickler (after the ash was force fed to him), Toby takes Uhl, Eli takes Janeth, and Steve (naturally) takes Lawrence. 

Steve goes to the gym to confront Lawrence. He tries to reason with him, but Lawrence starts trying to lasso Steve instead, resulting in a heated game of tug-of-war. Steve starts to express his daddy issues and also points out how much better of a parent Lawrence is than his real father. To seal the deal, Steve hugs Lawrence, which returns to him to normal, though both of them deny it.  Jim, Steve, Toby, and Eli then meet each other in the locker hall, where Strickler offers Jim some commendations for his courage. 

At the end of the school year, Eli and Steve attend the Battle of the Bands, watching Aja and Krel performing on stage. When Claire arrives on stage, she tries to inform everyone of the Eternal Night, but nobody takes it seriously except for Eli, Steve, Aja, and Krel. Just then, Morgana arises from the center of the town and the Gumm-Gumms start attacking the town, ready to start their reign of terror. 

Eli and Steve use their Creepslayer weapons and teamwork to help fight off the Gumm-Gumms. Just when one of them is about attack them, Nomura jumps in front of the Gumm-Gumm and defends them. Steve and Eli are awestruck by Nomura's beauty. When Morgana and Angor are defeated, Eli and Steve introduce the Trolls to Darci, Mary, and the school faculty.  


Steve has dark blonde hair, brown eyes, and wears a teal shirt with a yellow symbol on it.


At first, Steve started out as a stereotypical jock bully, and wanted to get back at Jim for knocking out his tooth and making him look like a fool. Steve also seems to be a spoiled sport, since he kept on gloating when he won for prom king (for no reason), and when he kept being mean to Jim and Eli after they won the events.

When Steve found out about the paranormal activity going on in Arcadia, he has become a better person and since then, he and his new best buddy, Eli have been devoted to protecting the city, though he still sometimes goes back to being a jerk for the sake of his image. 

After Lawrence becomes his new stepfather, Steve tries to distance himself from the man because of his daddy issues. When Lawrence goes crazy, Steve starts to emotionally connect with his new father and admits that Lawrence is a much better parent than his real father was, since he is caring and loyal, implying that his father was an abusive jerk. 


Eli Pepperjack

Of all the relationships evolved throughout the course of the series, Steve's most evolved has to be his with Eli. Initially, Steve always made Eli's life a living hell and forced him to do things for him such as doing his math homework, putting money in Steve's bank account, and shoving him into a locker for no reason.

Eventually, Steve discovered a goblin in his garage and went to Eli for help. Eli explained to him about the strange supernatural occurrences in Arcadia and how he has been studying how they must be connected to one person. They then decided to investigate the strange activities together and started to see each other eye-to-eye for the first time and become friends.

Jim Lake Jr.

Since knocking Steve’s tooth out, Steve had spent a majority of the series trying to get revenge on Jim. When Jim entered the Darklands and the other Trollhunters told everyone he had a terminal illness, Steve knew it was a trick and decided to find out about what was going on. When Eli and Steve teamed up to investigate, they assumed that Jim was part of an evil supernatural plot, but eventually found out the truth. Since then, Steve has gained respect for Jim and gotten over his loss.

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