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We're the Creepslayerz, with a z
―Steve to Eli forming the Creepslayerz

Steve Palchuk is a former bully at Jim's school. When Jim back-sassed him, he got mixed up in a big fight. Jim won the fight and knocked out Steve's tooth. He spent most of the series with a missing tooth, but eventually got it replaced. He held a personal grudge against Jim and plotted to get revenge on him, but let it go after he learned of the existence of Trolls in Arcadia along with Eli.



Sometime when he was younger, Steve had a dysfunctional relationship with his father, which possibly triggered his bad behavior and reputation. At some point, his mother began dating his school's gym teacher, Coach Lawrence.

Part One

A Fight With Jim

When Eli tells Steve about seeing the trolls outside of his window the other night, Steve laughs at him and shoves him into a locker. When Jim comes to Eli's defense, Steve challenges him to a fight, which is broken up by Mr. Strickler. However, that does not stop Steve from challenging Jim again.

On the day of the fight, Steve is prepared to beat up Jim, and starts throwing his fists at him. Luckily, Jim's new amulet gives him the motivation into knocking Steve's tooth out, which leaves Steve determined to get revenge on Jim.

The Quest for Vengeance

To get his revenge on Jim, Steve becomes Jim's understudy for the school play, since Jim's Troll hunter duties are causing him to slack off on his personal life.

When Jim babysits Claire's baby brother, Steve gives Claire a ride to a concert she is attending and rubs it in Jim's face.

On Jim's birthday, Steve challenges Jim to a race, as another attempt to get his pride back, not knowing that a Stalking is chasing Jim. Steve's boasting then causes him to lose control of his moped and crash into a bush.

After Bular is defeated, Steve gets his tooth replaced and decides to run against Jim and Eli for prom king. In the first event, the boys must come up with a theme for the dance. Eli comes up with an 80s theme, Steve comes up with a beach theme, and Jim accidentally comes up with the idea of using moles, which ends up winning. In the second event, the boys and girls nominated for king and queen have to keep their hands on a truck. When Jim, Steve, and Eli are the only ones left, Jim and Steve start fighting and provoking each other into letting their hands off, but only end up doing it at the same time, which makes Eli the winner.

When the pixies attack the school, Steve ends up being haunted by his worst nightmare; being surrounded by many clones of himself.

On the night of the dance, Steve shockingly ends up winning, despite losing all of the events. He then starts gloating about his victory, which starts annoying everyone.

Part Two

Steve Becomes Suspicious

When Jim goes into the Darklands to rescue Enrique, Claire and Toby decide to cover up his absence by saying that he has a terminal illness. Everyone buys it, but Steve doesn't and decides to figure out what's really going on. He thinks that Jim can't show his face in school after losing to him in the prom contest.


Steve has dark blonde hair, brown eyes, and wears a teal shirt with a yellow symbol on it.


At first, Steve started out as a stereotypical jock bully, and wanted to get back at Jim for knocking out his tooth and making him look like a fool. When Steve found out about the paranormal activity going on in Arcadia, he became nicer and since then, he and his new best buddy, Eli have been devoted to protecting the city.


  • The symbol on his shirt looks almost like the symbol on Toothless' tail fin in How to Train Your Dragon 2.
  • Steve shares the same first name as his voice actor, Steven Yeun.
  • In the books, Steve was a changeling.
  • Steve and Eli will become major characters in 3 Below.[1]


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