Human Strickler
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Señor Uhl is Jim’s Spanish teacher (despite being Austrian) at Arcadia Oaks High. He is quite strict, despite his good intentions to teach students to behave, he is also unforgiving and spiteful, thus earning himself the nickname "Uhl the Unforgiving". How he found a career is unknown, but he has hints of various races within his blood. Most Europeans today are at the very least bilingual, if not trilingual. He was born an Austrian but has quite the Aryan look, blond-haired, blue-eyed, and the appearance of a strong, well-built body (applying to human, standards, anyway).

He is as unforgiving as he is clueless. Though it is often with a great error that fans say he is a heartless monster of a teacher, he sports the basic support for his school and for his town, and he genuinely cares about the needs and educational experience of his students. The only strange thing about him is his rather strong bond with his...pick up truck?