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Part Two of Trollhunters premiered December 15, 2017.


Part two focuses on Jim and his friends after he has returned from the Darklands. He has succeeded in rescuing Enrique, but the evil Gunmar and several of his minions have been released to Earth and are set on taking over.

During this season, Jim's friends get more focus and some major events begin to happen such as Steve and Eli forming a supernatural fighting team of their own, Blinky having a not-so happy reunion with his presumed deceased brother, Dictatious Maximus Galadrigal, Trollmarket being taken over after a mole is found in the midst, and something really dark happens to Claire at the end of this chapter.


NO. Episode name Originally released
1 "Escape from the Darklands" December 15, 2017
2 "Skullcrusher"
3 "Grand Theft Otto"
4 "KanjigAAARRRGGHH!!!"
5 "Homecoming"
6 "Hiss Hiss, Bang Bang"
7 "Hero with a Thousand Faces"
8 "Just Add Water"
9 "Creepslayerz"
10 "The Reckless Club"
11 "Unbecoming"
12 "Mistrial and Error"
13 "In the Hall of the Gumm-Gumm King"

New Characters Introduced