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NotEnrique is a young Changeling Troll who that took the place of Baby Enrique.

Official description

"NotEnrique is the self-serving, foul mouthed Changeling who takes Baby Enrique's place. His size and appearance resembles a toddler, even in Troll form. Always out for his own self interest, he will play both sides against each other for his personal gain, and to save his own hide. He is a bit stubborn but in the end he usually helps Jim and his friends."


NotEnrique is a small green troll, with yellow eyes and red irises. He often walks on all fours and wears a diaper. He also has brown hair on his back and head, and pointy ears.


NotEnrique is a demanding Changeling who usually only cares about himself and gives orders to Claire. After his exposure, he tends to help the Trollhunters although usually only if he gets something in return. His allegiance to Gunmar is much less than that of the other Changelings, though he does not have the courage to challenge his men directly. He also has his kind side, feeling compassion for Claire's pain for losing her brother and becomes very concerned after Claire becomes possessed.



NotEnrique is a Changeling who used to live in the Darklands, and was born about 1,000 years ago.

Part One

After the death of Gladys, Gunmar decides to send a new Changeling to Arcadia, sending the message to his subordinates trought a Fetch. After this, a Goblin kidnaps Enrique Nuñez and takes him to the Darklands, allowing NotEnrique to take his place. Jim can witness the abduction and comes to the conclusion of his identity, becoming his babysitter to discover it. After his exposition, he end revealing that Bular is working with someone else.

Jim and the group decide to leave him where he is so as not to alarm the family and frequently take him to Trollmarket to prove Vendel the presence of Changelings in Arcadia. Although still a spying ally of Bular and Strickler, he also provides information and help to Jim and his friends when they give him socks in return. Toby takes him with him to investigate Strickler's office when he needs a Changeling to discover his secrets.

A Change of Heart

After the completion of Killahead Bridge, NotEnrique ends up liking his new life, rejecting his loyalty to Bular. After refusing to return to the Darklands and find Enrique, he kills a Goblin causing them to go after Claire. After revealing everything to Jim and his friends, Blinky forces him to take him to the bridge, which ends with his capture. During the battle between the Trollhunters and Bular's men, NotEnrique decides to help them discreetly, almost being sucked into the Darklands while trying to remove the Amulet from the bridge.

After Claire discovers the truth about the Trolls, she also discovers that NotEnrique impersonates her brother, being forced to take care of him. Despite the innumerable problems that NotEnrique brings, the two end up becoming friends, especially after NotEnrique shows her the real Enrique safe and sound in the Darklands.

All Monster Dance Party

One night, NotEnrique throws a wild party in the Nuñez house and invites all of his monster friends, on the same night that Mary and Darci are supposed to hang out with Claire.

When the two arrive at the house, Claire tries to cover up the party, only to make them more curious. Claire then confronted NotEnrique, warning that if Mary were to get a snapshot of all the trolls and posts it on social media, they'd then be surrounded by news vans, black helicopters and the little Changeling on a dissection table. With no other way to get them out, NotEnrique decides to impersonate the police and scare the troll guests into leaving the house, which succeeds. As soon as Mary, Darci, and the trolls leave, Claire and NotEnrique reconcile. However, NotEnrique tries leaving Claire to cleanup, only to be grabbed by the scruff, forcing him to pick up after himself. As he got started, NotEnrique remarked that real siblings fight all the time and suggested that this pretty much makes them family.

Part Two

When the real Enrique comes back from the Darklands, NotEnrique starts to feel unneeded and decides to find a new life to lead. Before he leaves, Claire kindly gives him her stuffed bunny as a keepsake. However, Claire gives NotEnrique one more adventure before he takes off.

That night, the two go to the shipping docks, where the pieces of the bridge are going to be thrown into the bottom of the ocean. NotEnrique manages to save both himself, Claire, and the pieces using Claire’s Shadow Staff. 

During a cookout for Ophelia's campaign, Enrique appears to see Jim and Claire dealing with multi-colored clones of Jim, so he decides to sit this one out.


Claire Nuñez

NotEnrique and Claire share a rocky relationship after she found out he isn't her real brother. Although shown to argue, they are rather close as he tutored Claire on how to read and speak the Troll language and he even showed Claire that her real brother is safe. They act much like a real brother and sister. As the series progresses this bond is shown to grow stronger to the point when he begins referring to Claire as 'Sis', and should she be harmed he makes statements such as 'Keep your hands off my sister!' He was also very concerned when Morgana took over Claire and kept trying to warn her about the danger she was in.