Human Strickler
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Nomura is a Changeling Troll spy who once served Gunmar. She works disguised as the person in charge of the history museum of Arcadia. Seeming to be charming on the outside, she is actually a snuffy, violent and evil Troll. She seems to have had a romantic relationship with Draal sometime in the past.

In Season 2, Jim and Nomura started to develop some sort of friendship, awkward at first, but steadily growing, leading to her reforming and allying with the Trollhunters.


As a human, Nomura is a tall woman with black hair and appears to be of Japanese descent. She wears a purple jacket and black shoes.

In her true form, she is a slender Troll with fuchsia skin and cat-like green eyes. She walks on stifle-jointed legs and wields a pair of twin khopeshes.



First Entering the Human World

I was just a young changeling when I first heard it. Alone in your human world. But there, opening night- when the curtain rose, and the orchestra swelled... Peer Gynt is a little boy who stumbles into a mountain of trolls. He faces a troll king, who tells him, "To thy self be true, and who cares what the world thinks?" But it's just a play.
Nomura to Jim

Nomura was a young changeling when she first when to the aria, "Peer Gynt". She heard it and loved it. Little is known about her childhood past.

Assembling the Killahead Bridge

Nomura was posing as a museum curator in order to gain access to the bridge and recruited an army to goblins to assist her in her evil scheme.



As a Changeling, Nomura is capable willingly transform between her human and troll forms by connecting with her Familiar, allowing her to pass as a ordinary museum curator. In her troll form, Nomura is much faster and stronger than a human and like all Changelings, she possess an increased resistance to sunlight.


Nomura is a skilled and lethal fighter. She has a greater agility and reflexes than those of other Changelings. She has demonstrated an expertise in both hand-to-hand combat and in the handling of her twin khopesh.