Human Strickler
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I was just a young changeling when I first heard it. Alone in your human world. But there, opening night- when the curtain rose, and the orchestra swelled... Peer Gynt is a little boy who stumbles into a mountain of trolls. He faces a troll king, who tells him, "To thy self be true, and who cares what the world thinks?" But it's just a play.
Nomura to Jim

Nomura is a Changeling spy and former secondary antagonist who once served Gunmar

Official Biography

"Nomura is a Changeling spy who serves Gunmar. She takes the form of the director of Museum of Arcadia. In true form however, she appears as a tall, thin, and vicious troll. Her song is Peer Gynt's "In the Hall of Mountain King", which she often whistles to taunt her enemies."


Nomura was a young changeling when she first went to a play, where she first heard the famous "In the Hall of the Mountain King." She was intrigued by the play and has whistled the tune on a daily basis. At some point, she had some kind of romantic relationship with Draal, but for some reason, they broke it off.  

Sometime later, she was sent on a mission to reassemble the Killahead Bridge in order to free Gunmar from the Darklands. Nomura then disguised herself as a museum director to gather the pieces of the destroyed bridge, which were being shipped from overseas. 


As a human, Nomura is tall, has black hair and appears to be of Japanese descent. She wears a purple jacket and black shoes.

In her true form, she is a slender Troll with fuchsia skin and cat-like green eyes. She walks on stifle-jointed legs and wields a pair of twin khopeshes.



As a Changeling, Nomura is capable willingly transform between her human and troll forms by connecting with her Familiar, allowing her to pass as a ordinary museum curator. In her troll form, Nomura is much faster and stronger than a human and like all Changelings, she possess an increased resistance to sunlight.


Nomura is a skilled and lethal fighter. She has a greater agility and reflexes than those of other Changelings. She has demonstrated an expertise in both hand-to-hand combat and in the handling of her twin khopesh.