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Toby's Nana is Toby Domzalski's grandmother and guardian.

She is half blind, which is why she couldn't tell that what she thought was a cat was actually a Gnome. She first appeared in episode four 'Gnome Your Enemy' where a shrunken Jim is housed in her dollhouse by Toby when he could not revert back to his former height owing to a magical mishap with a Troll Machine. Her cat also tried to kill him while she was there, and she almost (unknowingly) injured him while vacuuming. Her dollhouse eventually comes to house Gnome Chompsky after Jim cannot bring himself to kill him.

She reappears in the next episode 'Waka Chaka' after the Trollhunters escape the goblin horde by hiding out in Toby's house, after scaring them away with the patio burglar lights, which Toby explains was installed on part of her 'anti-burglar mania'. She overhears the Trolls talking upstairs which Toby tries to explain as his other friends, which she seems disbelieving of. She also welcomed AAARRRGGHH!! into her home in 'Wingmen' under the guise of a Japanese exchange student. Her poor vision prevented her from seeing his true inhuman nature and she treated him with the same love and care as her grandson.


Nana is a sweet, yet absent-minded old lady who continually dotes on her grandson Toby, much to his embarrassment, constantly referring to him as 'Toby Pie'. This is referenced in the pixie-induced nightmare he has when she appears instead of the mole mascot he has a crush on. However, Toby still loves his grandma.