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My champion! Again you shall rise and set me free.

Morgana, also known as the Pale Lady, is an ancient evil witch and a hag.




Morgana creates the Infrerna Copula

The Pale Lady was an ancient witch who lived in the dead rose filled forests of Bulgaria since before the creation of trolls and mortal humans.

In 1297 AD, Angor Rot sought out the Pale Lady, asking for power to help him protect his village from Gunmar's war for the surfacelands and offered his living stone in exchange. However, the Pale Lady doublecrossed Angor Rot, granting him the power he sought but turning his offering into the Inferna Copula. With it, she commanded Angor Rot to kill Merlin's Trollhunters.

At some point, Baba Yaga lost the Inferna Copula, which eventually found its way into Stricklander's hands.

Part Two

It is revealed that the Pale Lady is the one who guides the decisions of The Janus Order, speaking to them through an old turntable, but abandons them after the return of Gunmar.

Claire Nuñez's Shadow Staff, after being strained in the escape from Gunmar, linked Claire to the Pale Lady, in which the witch received the deceased Angor Rot's head in order to revive him and thus be free of her imprisionment.