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Kanjigar the Courageous was the previous Trollhunter and Draal's father.



Kanjigar used to be the best warrior in the entirety of Trollmarket and one of the best Trollhunters of all. Kanjigar was deliberately distant with his son Draal as a means to keep him safe. Kanjigar was best friends with Blinky and AAARRRGGGHH!!!, who had helped him with his missions and training. 

One day, word got out that Gunmar's son, Bular got out of the Darklands to wreck havoc on Earth and destroy the Trollhunter. Knowing it was job to protect both worlds, Kanjigar headed to Earth to stop Bular.

During his fight against Bular, Kanjigar threw himself into the daylight, keeping the Amulet out of Bular's reach before Jim discovers it in the remains. After his death, his soul entered the Void Between Worlds with the previous Trollhunters, where they would watch over the new team of Trollhunters. 

Part One

After he defeated Bular, Kanjigar and the previous Trollhunters summon Jim to the Void. There, Kanjigar reveals that they are already aware of their actions and their intentions to go to the Darklands. He also reproaches that a Trollhunter must always act alone, and that his is in a mistake for keeping people close to him and putting them in danger: in particular his son Draal. However, Jim says that his friends are the reason he's still alive. Kanjigar then tells him that the only way to enter the Darklands and survive is by killing Gunmar.

Kanjigar later shows Jim at a small training session that he is not in a position to kill Gunmar, especially since there is no known way to kill him, not even with the Sword of Daylight. Finally, Kanjigar tells him not to abandon his mission as a Trollhunter or his life just to save a human child.

After the death of Angor Rot and the release of the souls of all the Trollhunters that he had killed, Kanjigar manifested himself saying that their souls could finally rest in peace, telling Jim that he was right about his friends doing him more strong. In the end, Kanjigar has the opportunity to apologize to his son Draal for sticking him out and telling him how proud he is of him.

Part Two

When Jim's friends were looking for a way to free him from the Darklands, Kanjigar sends them a message through the Amulet of Daylight, telling them that the key is to revive AAARRRGGHH!!! After they find the cure for Creeper Sun poison and revive AAARRRGGH!!!, Kanjigar calls him to the Void and takes possession of his body, since he is a soul that crossed the threshold between life and death. Kanjigar uses his body to activate the Killahead Bridge and allow Claire, Toby, AAARRRGGHH!!! and Blinky enter the Darklands. Before, give specific tools and instructions to all for the success of the rescue mission: Claire must carry a special key that will open the way, Blinky receives a flare to blind his greatest enemy, Toby must make sure to rescue only Jim and Draal must stay to make sure no one crosses the bridge in addition to his friends. After this, his soul returns to the Void giving the group a limited time to rescue Jim.


Kanjigar is a large, horned blue troll, to which his son Draal bares a strong resemblance to. However, he does not seem to have the spikes on his back that Draal does. He was of massive stature, roughly the same size as Bular. His full height is not specified, but his armor initially proved too big for Jim when he accidentally activated the amulet. Even as a spirit, he is always in his armour.


Kanjigar was a noble and courageous warrior, which won him great respect among the denizens of Trollmarket and from his son, Draal. He was so dedicated to the forces of good and the protection of the amulet from Bular and the forces of Gunmar that he willingly sacrificed himself by throwing himself out into the sunlight, turning to stone so that Bular would never attain the amulet. However, like the other spirits of the past Trollhunters that reside within the void, Kanjigar is a firm traditionalist who frequently berates Jim on his reckless, particularly when endangering his friends when facing evil and ignoring the first rule of being a Trollhunter of working alone. It is for this reason that he was deliberately distant with his son Draal, who he really loved and cared for deeply, to keep him out of danger. When materializes in the Hero's Forge after Angor Rot has been defeated and the souls of the Trollhunters he has killed have been freed (S1 E26 'Something Rotten This Way Comes'), he finally tells Draal this, admitting that he is proud of his son.