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I'm starting to suspect that Maddrux the Many did not use the Aspectus Stone to grant him the strength of a thousand, but to summon one thousand of him.
Blinky to Jim

Hero with a Thousand Faces is the 33rd episode of Trollhunters.


While trying out some different stones for his armor, a yellow stone makes clones of Jim, and at a bad time too: Jim is attending a BBQ for Claire's mom to win her parents over after what happened with NotEnrique. When one reckless clone runs off with the amulet, Jim and the Jims must stop Hunter Jim before it's too late.


  • It is revealed that Claire's mother is the mayor of Arcadia.
  • There are different color jackets for each Jim clone:
    • Yellow for Romantic Jim.
    • Dark Green for Hunter Jim.
    • Brown for Wimpy Jim.
    • Red for “Crispy”, arrogant Jim.
    • Gray for Chef Jim.
    • Orange for Spanish Jim.
    • Purple for Gloomy Jim.
    • Black for Spoiled, grumpy Jim.
  • In an interview with the producers, it was revealed that Anton Yelchin actually thought of the episode, and it was his favorite one to do.
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