Human Strickler
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Gladys Groe was a Changeling spy who served Gunmar. She used to be disguised as the dental assistant of Dr. Muelas.


As a human, Gladys is a short and somewhat obese woman with brown hair combed over her head in a beehive style and is dressed in a green tage and a brown suspender.

In her true form, she is a big fat troll with yellow skin, with her hair pulled up with a bandana while wearing an old dress and a green skirt.


Gladys initially appears as a minor character who works as an assistant at Toby's dentist. However, in "To Catch A Changeling", when Jim and Toby decide to discover the Changelings in Arcadia, Toby takes a gaggletack with him to Dr. Muelas' office since he was convinced that he was a Changeling.  However, the Changeling turns out to be Gladys, who injects Toby with a paralyzer in order to force him to tell her who else knows about the Bridge or the Changelings. Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! arrive to help Toby and Jim finally kill Gladys with the Sword of Daylight.