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Dictatious Maximus Galadrigal is Blinky's twin brother. 



Dictatious was born and grew up in Trollmarket. He and his younger brother Blinky dabbled in hexes and spells together. He wrote several books that Blinky keeps in his library.

At some point, Dictatious became adept at Gunmar's ideals of destroying the human race and taking the surface and, as a result, left Trollmarket to become one of Gunmar's followers. During the battle of Killahead Bridge, he was banished in the Darklands with Bular and the Gumm-Gumms. Blinky never knew about this and thought he was dead.

Part Two

Meeting Jim

Jim meets Dictatious when he enters the Darklands on his own. Dictatious grabs Jim and takes him to Gunmar's throne. At first, Gunmar considers destroying Jim himself, but Dictatcious convinces him otherwise when he finds out that the other Trollhunters will be coming for Jim, so they can get access to Earth, so they trap Jim in the prison cell besides Nomura's prison cell.

A Not-So Happy Family Reunion

When the other Trollhunters arrive in the Darklands, Blinky and AAARRRGGHHH!!! run into Dictatcious, shocking Blinky, who previously believed that he was dead. Dictatcious ties the duo up and decides to torture them, so they'll tell him about everything, but Blinky stands his ground and refuses. However, Dictatious manipulates his brother to indirectly reveal the location of the Killahead Bridge. There, Blinky is able to use the flare that Kanjigar had entrusted to him to attack and finally permanently blind Dictatious. Without the knowledge of Blinky and the others, Dictatious manages to escape of the Darklands at the same time as Gunmar just before the Killahead Bridge was destroyed.


Dictatious looks just like Blinky, except he has black and frizzy hair, green skin and a blue nose. He wears brown pants. 


In the past, Dictatious was a good troll who was admired by his brother. However, Dictatious became convinced that Gunmar's ideals were best for the troll race, turning evil, calculating and loyal only to Gunmar. He abandoned all his ties with his previous life, including the bond with his brother. However, when Gunmar begins to take over Trollmarket and discovers that Morgana is trying to escape, Dictatious sees the error of his ways and goes back to the side of good. He was overjoyed that his brother forgave him and the two rekindled their bond. 


  • Dictatious is the first (and only) villain to be related to a protagonist.