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This article contains canon information corresponding to the Tales of Arcadia franchise. That means all information in this article is true and has appeared/been validated officialy on-screen.

Darci Scott is one of Claire's best friends, and also the person behind the mole costume, who becomes Toby's new love interest. 



Apparently, Darci became best friends with Mary and Claire, and eventually secretly became the school mascot to hide her true colors in order to seek out a decent beau.

Part One

Prom Queen

Darci is nominated for prom queen, along with Shannon and Mary. In the second round of competition, she wins after being the last girl to keep her hand on Señor Uhl's truck. When Mary and Darci find out that Claire asked Jim to be her date at the dance, they decide to give her some advice on dating.

Monster Party

Mary and Darci think that Claire is throwing a party without them, which was actually thrown by NotEnrique, who invited the other Trolls of Trollmarket. Thankfully, Claire prevents them from finding out about this secret world, though they unwittingly mingle with the Trolls at the party, who she and Mary believe to be college students. By the end of the party, their friendship is rekindled and they believe that Claire is secretly dating a college guy, but won't tell because she's afraid of breaking Jim's heart.

=Behind the Mask

At the school dance, she reveals that she is the mole mascot that Toby has become enamored with, as she was the only girl in school who wanted him to ask her out, but she couldn't because Toby was too busy trying to ask other girls.


Darci is an African-American teenage girl with light-tan skin and brown hair. She has a large afro, and wears a green shirt and gray shorts.


Darci seems to support Jim and Claire getting together, as referenced by her frequent asking if Jim asked Claire to go to the dance with him. Eventually, it is revealed that is really the school mascot and really wants to find a guy who is not shallow, so she uses the mascot gig as a way to cover up what she's really like.

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