Human Strickler
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Assistant Don't go in there, he's with a patient.
Jim Tobes.
Toby Hey, Jim.
Jim Tobes! Tobes, Tobes, Tobes, Tobes! I have got to talk to you.
Toby Uh, I'm a little busy right now.
Jim What?
Dentist He says he's a little busy right now.
Toby Oh, God. It hurts.
Jim Okay, remember that thing we found the other day? In the canals. The thing with the gem and stuff? It works. It works like crazy!

Toby: (speaks incoherently) This can't wait, man?

Jim: What?

Dentist: He says, "This can't wait, man?"

Jim: I've already waited until morning. Who goes to the dentist two says in a row?

Toby: Ow! (continues to speak incoherently) I want to get these braces off before I'm 30.

Dentist: I want to get these braces off before I'm 30.

Jim: What?

Toby: It's like my mouth is a city engineering project.

Dentist: It's like my mouth is a city engineering project.

Jim: How much longer is this going to take?


Jim: Eight hours! I can't believe it takes eight hours.

Toby: Tow molars, plus insertions, and some cleanup.

Jim: Okay, Tobes. You are never going to believe this.

Toby: My mouth still feels sore.

Jim: Check this out.

Toby: Do you have any aspirin?

Jim: Tobes, pay attention.

Toby: Mmm.

Jim: For the Glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to-

Toby: Go on.

Jim: It worked last night.

Toby: Are you punking me right now?

Jim: Okay. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

(Jim turns into his Trollhunter armour)

Toby: Holy champignon! Oh-ho-ho-ho! How cool is that? What? Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! So cool, so cool, so cool! Dude, you know what this means, right? You have a sacred responsibility here.

Jim: That's what they said!

Toby: Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my You have to use these new powers for the benefit of all mankind. You have to use this to kick Steve's butt.

Jim: Really? I show you a glowing sword and a suit of armour that can only be magic, and that's how you respond?

Toby: Seriously! It's butt-kicking time!

(Toby attempts a Karate kick)

These pants are so elastic.

Jim: Wait.

Toby: Also, who's "they"?

Jim: Well, that's the part that I've been freaking out over!

(Knocking on the back door)

Toby: What, what, what the heck is that? Don't open the door!

(Jim opens the door)

Blinky: Master Jim!

(Toby begins dailing on his phone)

Toby: I'm calling 911. No, Animal Control. Oh, gosh. Oh, gosh. Oh, gosh. They talk.

Blinky: I knew it was but a matter of time before the amulet called to us.

Jim: "Called" to you?

Blinky: Actually, no. We've been spying on you.

AAARRGGHH!!: Spy on you.

Blinky: Well, keeping a close watch.

(AAARRGGHH!! hits his head on the door frame)

AAARRGGHH!!: Door small.

Animal Control: Animal Control.

Toby: Monsters, at my best friend's house! I need you to send a squad!

Animal Control: Is this a joke, kid?

Toby: Make that the National Guard! Animal Control hung up on me.

Blinky: You told your stout little friend about us?

Jim: Um, is that a problem?

Blinky: Master Jim, we trolls have gone to great lengths to keep our existence secret from your kind, lest there be panic.

Toby: Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh Like that.

Jim: It's all right, Tobes.

Tony: They're like nine feet tall.

Jim: This is my best friend, Toby D.

Toby: He has like 800 eyes. We're going to die.

Blinky: Hardly. Your friend is the Trollhunter. His noble obligation is protective.

Toby: Like "protecting"? You mean like a superhero? Oh, can I be his sidekick? With a cool superhero name like Deathblade or Snipersnake? Just wait. Who would I be protecting?


Blinky: And mankind.

AAARRGGHH!!: From bad trolls.

Blinky: As well as goblins, gruesomes, and the occasional rogue gnome.

(AAARRGGHH!! fiddles with the household furniture.

Toby: Do you mind?

Blinky: The mantle of Trollhunter is a sacred responsibility, one which has never been passed to a human before. This is a momentous occasion.

(They hear a car pull into the drievway)

Jim: Oh, it's my mother! Upstairs, quick!

(All hide in the upstairs bathroom and lock the door)

Jim: Mother?

Mother: Jim? It's me.

Jim: (whispers) She's not supposed to be home until midnight.

AAARRGGHH!!: Mmm You smell like cat.

Toby: My nana has a Siamese.


Barbara: I forgot my phone. Are you okay in there?

Jim: Um, fine. I mean, my stomach's a little, uh.

(The amulet begins to glow)

Uh, you know, I might have a food poisoning situation.

Barbara: Honey, I'll get you some medicine, okay?

Jim: Okay, what's this going on here?

Blinky: The amulet reacts to your emotional state. You appear to be in some distress.

Jim: You think?

Toby: I have another question.

Blinky: Speak, Theodore.

Toby: It's Toby, actually. Or Tobias. If Jim's the first human Trollhunter, like you said, then who or what was the Trollhunter before him?

Blinky: The glorious mantle has been passed from troll to troll for hundreds of years.

Toby: So, the previous Trollhunter, what, retired?

Blinky: Was felled.

Toby: Felled?

AAARRGGHH!!: Means killed. Turned to stone and smashed.

Blinky: Kanjigar the Courageous was his name. Brutally slain by a ruthless troll named Bular.

Toby: Don't worry, dude. This Bular guy probably just got lucky.

Blinky: The evidence does not suggest that. Bular is a formidable opponent.

Toby: Then the other guy, he was just off his game or something, right?

Blinky: Doubtful. Kanjigar was perhaps the most alert and able of all the Trollhunters.

Toby: But not the best, I'm betting.

Blinky: Oh, the very best. Many songs and sagas have been written about him.

Toby: Uh, I think what my friend here is a little worried about is, if this Bular.

Barbara: Yeah, I got it.

Toby: (continues) If Bular could defeat Kanjigar...

AAARRGGHH!!: Smash to pieces.

Toby: Then what's going to happen to Jim?

Blinky: A most appropriate, if troubling, query, Tom.

Toby: Tobias.

Blinky: Of course, we would never expect Master Jim to engage in battle without the proper training.