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Image Policies
  • All images must relate to the Tales of Arcadia franchise or cast/crew. An exception is emotes used in chat which are only to be uploaded by admins and staff avatars which are only to be uploaded by admins.
  • All images must come from a licensed source such as Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, or a paid resource which has rights and access to images and videos belonging to the ToA company. If there is a logo on the image, you must leave it as it is to give credit to the source.
  • Images should be full size. That means you must utilize the entire screen in which the episode is playing.
  • Though images in the past were named differently, from now on images should be named like this:

[episode name]- [character's name]-[dialogue].PNG/png/JPG/jpeg/GIF/gif/SVG/svg
Or if it is an action
[episode name]- [character's name] (no dash) [action].PNG/png/JPG/jpeg/GIF/gif/SVG/svg

  • Concept art, promotional images, and posters are only to be uploaded by admins.