A Night to Remember is the twenty-fifth episode of season one of Trollhunters.


With Barbara's life hanging in the balance, Jim races to break the spell that bonds her to Stickler. Jim realizes he has no choice but to go to Barbara and tell her the truth, especially since she seems to be getting weaker every time Stricklander gets attacked. While Jim stays in Trollmarket to help his mother, Toby and Claire must go get the next stone at the dance, but Angor Rot is in hot pursuit of them.


  • Barbara finally figures out the truth about Jim and his secret life, but then her memory of it is erased as soon as the curse is gone. It is unknown if she’ll find out again.
  • Song that sounds where they dance Jim and Claire is "Eres Tú" by Carla Morrison, it is one of the Mexican songs that appear in the series.

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