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Morgana and Morando

I think Morgana and Morando look really lot a like, they've a similar mantle and their name also! My theory is they will ally in Wizards for the chaos in the 7 Galaxies

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Summary for the episodes

Every time I look at information for an episode, I see no summary under summary category. Is it because of spoilers or nobody here has good writing, has time and likes to write Summary?

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RUMOR 3Below season 2, season 3 and season 4 has been Leaked

So I heard this rumor 2 days ago on twitter that someone who worked at DreamWorks told about when will the next seasons of 3below show up he said that season 2 will show up in summer of 2019 and season 3 will show up in winter of 2019 and season 4 which he said is the last season will show up in 2020, sadly his twitter post and account was deleted possibley by Netflix or DreamWorks also he didn't mentioned anything about Wizards the final tales of arcadia TV show.

So one thing i want to say is that I really think this rumor is true and I know that trollhunters had three seasons but remember season 1 it had 26 episodes because originally it was going to have 13 episodes but since the other episodes for season 2 were completed Netflix demanded DreamWorks to release all the episodes as season 1 so because of this the show only had 3 seasons.

I dont know how many episodes we will get in season 2 of 3below but all i know is that this rumor is true hopefully.

but let me know what do you think about this rumor and comment about it if its true or not.    

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Anyone watched 3 below?

 I'd love to but where do I find the episodes in HD 1080p and I wanna download them. Please if anyone knows please send the link. I would be thankful and I would really appreciate it.

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• 1/13/2019

Favourite ship?

So who's your favourite ship in ToA as of now?


So today will mark a year in this wiki.

Let's hope we keep this wiki active as 3Below Season 2 and Wizards comes rolling in and I promise I'll start editing again in my free time.

Favourite ship in ToA?
  • Jlaire
  • Toby x Darci (Tarci? Doby?)
  • Staja
  • Barbara x Stricklander
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• 1/7/2019

Another goof in Last Night on Earth (Or something wrong with Steve)

I have already said in Last Night on earth wiki page, there is actually another goof (contradiction with The Eternal Knight: Part 1):

In Eternal Knight: Part 1, Eli and Steve were attracted by Nomura's height and slaughtering skills, in which grossed out Nomura, while in this episode Steve kissed Aja (presumably later than that), but if Steve knows he has a girlfriend Aja (who's a lot prettier than Nomura, full stop), why does he get attracted by Nomura? Clearly the directors did not think things through. Even just showing Eli attracted without Steve would be much better for continuity's sake!

Do you think that is really the result of the directors not thinking things through or Steve is going to be cheating soon? I don't think the latter is gonna be true because Steve tried everything to impress Aja and held true to the promise of not telling the existence to Akiridions to anyone (though Eli found out by his own observations)

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• 1/3/2019

Do the Royals actually cry with tears?

In Episode 2 of 3 Below, the mothership mentioned that tears are from humans when they are in extreme emotional state, accompanied by the irrational expulsion of liquid from the ocular sphere and that humans are so wasteful. Then why did Aja cry in her Akiridion form as well as her human form (and that Krel did that too later on)? Can that even be carried to the Akiridion form just from being human for about a day?

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• 1/2/2019

predictions for Wizards

Wizards the final instalment in the Tales of Arcadia franchise its gonna be a big one and many of us cant wait to see all our hero's join forces on this final show in Wizards The heroes of Arcadia join forces in an apocalyptic war for the control of magic that will decide the fate of the entire galaxy. So here are my big predictions about what we will expect from Wizards so lets start talking about what we might see in this show.

Number 1 the main villain is going to be a dark powerful being.

So the one thing that I believe for wizards is what the main villain is gonna look like I think he is going to be a dark powerful being from another dimension who has plans to conquer the whole universe with his dark powers this villain might had assemble a lot of villains like him so they can both become powerful rulers to take over the whole universe we might see other villains from past shows like morgana who joined forces with these villain so they can finally conquer this universe and we might see merlin talking about this villain that maybe long ago he fought him and sealed him away from the universe until he got out and now merlin must summon every hero to fight this menace before its too late. so yeah I believe this villain will somewhat be like Dormammu or Mikaboshi from marvel comics or he will be like Darkseid but yeah I think the villain is just gonna be a dark powerful being.

Number 2 wizards is going to take place in the future.

so in wizards its said its gonna take place in a apocalyptic war which means its gonna take place in the future. I believe we will see our hero's transported to the future where the villain had already conquered the whole universe and maybe merlin transported them to get something in the future and later on go back to the past to stop the villain from taking over the whole world. So I do believe that wizards is going to take place in the future because its gonning to be in the apocalypse.

Number 3 the show will not only take place on earth.

so one thing I can tell for sure is that the villain will conquered the whole universe which means he conquered many planets including Akiridion-5 like we will see our hero's traveling the universe to find this powerful object to stop this villain in past before he takes over the universe agian in the future.

Number 4 the show will be about finding a powerful object.

So I already talked about that we might see our hero's in the future finding these powerful objects to stop the villain in the past in order to save the future and these is what i believe we are going to see in the show finding magical powerful across the universe to defeated the villain in the past.

Number 5 someone will get sacrificed.

So yeah I do believe someone in wizards is going to sacrifice himself in the show i dont know who it will be but i guess its going to be merlin I think because we will se him in the show and I think he will die in the first season in order to save the hero's from something very big.

Number 6 the return of gunmar.

so I believe this villain from wizards might resurrect Gunmar in the future and what if this villain did created Gunmar because all we know about him is Gunmar was born from the corruption of the first heartstone of the Troll race. When the wars between Trolls and humans were unleashed by the domination of the surface, the horrible deaths and bloodshed corrupted the Heartstone, causing it to rot from within, and from inside it and Gunmar was born but what if he was actually created by this villain instead of the horrible deaths and bloodshed what if he created him I dont know but all i know is gunmar might come back.

so that it these were my predictions I would be amazed if some of my predictions were true when the show comes but let me know what you think and tell me what you think we will see from wizards.

see yah soon.                     

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• 1/1/2019

Might Alpha be good next time?

Not every villan can be heartless

i mean, if they persuaded him to be an ally of Aja and Krel or if probably something went down between Alpha Zeron and Morando.

If either would change him, he would be more than my favorite character because i like him already.

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• 12/30/2018

What may happen in Part 2 of 3Below

Well, I just finished Part 1 of 3Below and am itching to see Part 2 already. Already I have theories of what may occur as well as questions. Warning, Spoilers may ensue:

1. Inevitably, Morando will lead a full-scale invasion of Arcadia, just as Gunmar did.

2. We got 2 hulking bounty hunters leftover from Terra Incognita Part 2, far bigger than AAARRRGGHH who have yet to attack

3. What is Eli going to do now that he has evidence of extra-terrestrials

4. How will Staja proceed?

5. If Zadra gains a human form, what will it look like.

6. Mothership has crashed again, this time in the forest and needs new camouflage.

7. How Arcadia will change post-Trollhunters. They may welcome trolls, but what can be said about aliens.

8. Will the 3Below meets Toby and AAARRRGGHH?

9. Officer Kubritz and her hazmat teams will likely scour Arcadia looking for aliens

10. Will we get a preview at the characters for Wizards?

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• 12/28/2018

Theory for part 2 of 3 below

This may be a spoiler if it ends up being true, but for now, it's just a theory

Well firstly I think that the humans of Arcadia will discover the aliens. Due to the sneak peak revealed by DreamWorks last year on 3 below part 2, ( https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dza61onWtPg ), we know that Eli and Toby find out that Aja and Krell are aliens. But also if u were to refer back to the first episode of 3 below, you can see Aja telling the story of their adventures to what look like humans, possibly meaning that the secret of the aliens are out?

Secondly, I think that Aja and Krell or just Aja will NOT return to Akiridion 5. This is because going to the same scene in ep 1 of 3 below, we see Aja telling a story to humans on Earth. Now unless it's only me, she wouldn't tell a story unless it is finished, and it seems to have finished on Earth. It would also explain the Steve & Aja problem. KRELL may go back home as he is nowhere to be seen, though idk. Plus, it makes sense for at least one alien to stay behind as the description for wizards clearly states that wizards, trolls and ALIENS will fight in Arcadia for one last battle. The key word is alien, meaning that at the end of 3 below at least an alien would have to stay for this description to fit.

This is the description of Wizards: The trolls, aliens and wizards living in Arcadia face off in an apocalyptic battle for control of their magical world. Created by Guillermo del Toro.

This is my theory and if you have any ideas feel free to post below... And do ignore any spelling or auto correct mistakes!

Trollhunters - Trilogy Teaser | Eli | Netflix
Trollhunters - Trilogy Teaser | Eli | Netflix YouTube
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• 12/28/2018

Predictions for 3Below Part Two, and Beyond (AKA Wizards)

As the title implies.

1) Part Two being darker than Part One.

2) Kubrits sharing the role of main antagonist with Morando.

3) Speaking of Kubrits. She will use a mech suit to fight Aja and Krel.

4) An explanation to how the king knew about Vex's betrayal.

5) Strickler returning to teach history class. "This is what I really look like. So get used to it." I actually don't know whether Part Two will be set during the summer, or if there will be a time skip.

6) Wizards being told in at least three plot threads. Each focusing on a group of characters. Like Game of Thrones, All Hail King Julien: Exiled, Avengers: Infinity War, and Ninjago: Hunted.

7) Morgana returning as the main antagonist of Wizards.

8) Speaking of Morgana, I like to see more of her backstory.

9) Vex and Dictatious becoming friends.

10) An incident that causes Jim, Tobey, Claire, Blinky, Arrgh, Aja, Krel, and Vex to remember the events of D'aja Vu.

11) NotEnrique's real name revealed.

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• 12/27/2018

What will happen to Staja AND Future Tales of Arcadia season releases

*Probably going to be mild spoilers*

My question now is What is going to happen with Staja when Aja and Krel go back to Aceridian-5. The stereotype in these shows is that when they become a 'thing' its true love and all that so I think that the relationship is permanent.

When they go back will Aja try to stay behind with Steve, will Steve come with them or will one of them die(Like, if troll hunters was anything to go on... )

What do you guys think about this and Staja in general?

So obviously there is more to tell in the 3below series so I'm going to try and map out the future release dates.

I believe that there are 2 possible release possibilities

Option 1:

They release Wizards and then go back and conclude 3below so it would look something like this:

Wizards (May-july release)

3below P2 (november-january release)

Wizards P2?? (may-july release)

Option 2:

They finish 3 below and then do Wizards



Wizards P2?? (may-july)

(Im not sure if this should be made into 2 posts but some people get cut when people post to many times in a week so I just thought that id make it into one post. Can someone tell me if this is right or if I would put one section into another post)

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• 12/25/2018

Hi everyone I am new here!

Nice to meet you all,

I also have a question do you all think that there will be a 4th part in Trollhunter ?

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• 12/25/2018

References between Trollhunters and 3Below

Comment below any references you've found in Trollhunters or 3Below relating to the other.

They can be obvious relations or more subtle ones as well.

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• 12/24/2018

3Below - Episode 6 - Trollhunters & Aliens

It was just so amazing watching them fight together.

But the last re-set was sad.

But again, as blinky said:

"Fate will reunite us all, into a cause"

~ (they will be together in wizards :))

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• 12/23/2018

3Below - Episode 3 - my favourite quote

Aja pic credit goes to Chromel

rest is my design.

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• 12/22/2018

Thoughts on 3Below - Comment below (SPOILERS)

What are your thoughts on 3 Below, for those who have finished watching it.

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• 12/20/2018
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• 12/18/2018

could Jim's father show up in 3 Below

so I found a bunch of different images on the next tales of arcadia TV show 3 below so i found this website that showed more images of the show and then I found THIS image which stood out to me and it was this military women wearing a familiar outfit that I saw before and that was Jim's father.

so this made me believe that what if Jim's father might show up in 3 Below, ever since I watched every episode of trollhunters I always wonder about Jim's father like we know that Barbara said that Jim's dad left because he abounded his family to live with a woman he was having an affair with. BUT what if there was another reason why he left what if he left his family for a very big secret reason.

The only image we saw of Jim's father was a picture of him wearing a military outfit so we know that Jim's father was military solider with a higher rank the sergeant first class rank and its possible he later on gotten a higher rank maybe he became a general, so now we have aliens in the tales of arcadia it makes me wonder did Jim's father left to do some greater good for his country by becoming a general for area 51.

So yeah I always had a fleeing that maybe Jim's father lied to his family so they didn't want to know about this he made the biggest struggle in his life if he wants to do greater good for his country he had to leave his family behind because it was a rule that he had to do.

So Jim's father might be doing a lot things in area 51 maybe he is doing bad things in area 51 that he thinks they are good for his country but its not, maybe Jims father will be portrayed as a misunderstood villain that later on becomes good in the show and maybe he will see his son agian and will mistake him for an alien until he finds out later on it is his son and becomes good an learn from his mistakes of what he was doing.

and i dont know if he will show up in the first season of the show but I hope maybe he dose shows up anytime soon.         

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